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This service can be used to find similarities between text documents on the Internet. Each document that should be checked needs to be uploaded to Docol©c and will be checked automatically. The results will be stored as a Docol©c-report within a user account or send by e-mail if preferred. The usage of Docol©c is limited to institutional customers only. It cannot be used by private individuals or to check single documents.

The use of Docol©c is very easy, just follow these three steps:

1. Log In
You need to log in to Docol©c with your personal account-ID and password. If you don`t have an account-ID your need to register first in order to create your account.

In oder to use Docol©c for professional plagiarism search you need a valid license to activate your account. Insert the license key beside your registration data or ask your institution to activate your account.

2. Upload Paper
Upload the documents that should be checked to Docol©c. The check will be started automatically in the background. When the plagiarism search is finished the results will be stored as a Docol©c-report in your account. Additionally, the report can be sent by e-mail which can be chosen during upload.

3. Download Report
You can find the Docol©c-report created for each successfully checked document in your Docol©c-account. The reports can be downloaded from Docol©c and can be saved or forwarded independently of Docol©c.

You will find further answers to the most frequent questions here: Help.

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Currently, Docol©c supports a login via Microsoft as well as via the school platform IServ. For a login with Microsoft, a corresponding link in your licence is necessary. Please contact our support team at

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