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This plagiarism finding tool is searching for text fragments also available in other documents. Documents will be uploaded to Docol©c for an extensive review by software programs and large databases. As a result you get plagiarisms, copyright infringements, quotations or other sources of the document in the web. Follow three steps to use it:

1. Log In
You need a personal account (ID and password) for Docol©c. On side Create Login a new ID and password can be created by yourself.

You need a license to start a professional extensive review. A license key can be ordered here. Insert the license key beside your registration data on the "Login" side. Demo examinations work without any license.

2. Upload Paper
Upload documents to Docol©c on the "Add Paper" side.

3. Download Report
The examination is running in the background. After completion the result -the Report- can be downloaded on side "View Reports" or you get it by email.

You will find further answers to the most frequent questions here: Help.

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