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License Costs

Our license costs depend on the expected number of pages to be processed by Docol©c during one year. The smallest license which we offer to institutions includes processing of 5,000 pages per year at costs of 342.00€ per year excl. tax. This license can be used to activate up to 50 user accounts which may use Docol©c with a web browser.

For higher page volumes we will provide an individual offer on request. You can find an excerpt of our graduated license costs in the following table (all prices excl. tax):

10,000 pages/year672.00 €/year
50,000 pages/year2,820.00 €/year
100,000 pages/year4,704.00 €/year
200,000 pages/year7,836.00 €/year

Licenses with 10,000 pages per year or more can be used to activate up to 250 user accounts. If needed, this number can be increased at no additional cost.

The license costs have to be paid for at least three month in advance and each month is calculated on a basis of 30 days. Our licenses are running for an indefinite period of time. After the minimum term of 12 months, the license can be terminated from both parties with a notice period of 1 month to the end of each month.

For an automatic usage of Docol©c we provide a web service API based on SOAP. By using this API you can upload your documents to Docol©c, check the current status of the document and download the results after processing automatically. Thus, you can integrate our services directly into existing processes and systems. If you are interested, we will give you further details on how to use our API. Please send us a short message to

Besides searching on the Internet for similarities, we also provide the opportunity to create a private search area exclusively for your license. Any documents added to this area will be used for plagiarism search of your license. The additional costs for using a private search area vary between 99.00€ and 996.00€, depending on the page volume of the underlying license. If you are interested, we will give you further information about our private search area.

There are also special licenses for using Docol©c with IServ

This is an open offer until you get an acceptance of order.

To purchase a license or to request an individual offer, please feel free to contact us at

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